Fable Esports Dominates the Brawlhalla Leaderboard at Combo Breaker with 5 Top 15 Placements

Sat 3rd Jun 2017 - 2:31am Gaming

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Fable Esports definitely had a busy weekend in the world of Brawlhalla over at Combo Breaker. With plenty of Fable’s players competing in this tournament, 5 players managed to grab Top 15 placements. These 5 individuals all had great showings in this tournament, winning sets dominantly, and flying through their brackets. Let’s take a closer look at these 5 players and their paths through this tournament, shall we?

STTP WILSON - 13th Place

STTP WILSON's H1 Pool run, courtesy of: (Source:

“STTP WILSON” started his tournament run in the H1 Pool, along with fellow Fable member “Stevenator”. He would have a solid performance here, going 3–2 over 5 sets.

He would start off with back to back victories over “Spectator” and “Logic”. After a victory against “Logic” in the Winner’s Bracket Quarter-Final, Wilson would go on to face Reason Gaming’s “Addymestic” in the Winner’s Semi-Final. He would unfortunately lose this match and go down to the Loser’s Bracket to face “HypeHero” in the Loser’s Quarter-Final. Wilson would go on to face his teammate “Stevenator” in the Loser’s Semi-Final, where he would lose the hard fought set and finish the tournament tied for 13th place.

Mother Russia - 9th Place

Mother Russia's G1 Pool run, courtesy of: (Source:

“Mother Russia” would start in the G1 pool, putting on a great performance falling just short of the Top 8. He went 4–2 over 6 sets.

“Mother Russia” would find victories over “sector7noob” in Round 1 and “compute” in the Winner’s Bracket Quarter-Final, leading him to face off against Denial Esports’ “Boomie” in the Semi-Final. After a tough loss here, “Mother Russia” would move down to the Loser’s Bracket Quarter-Final against “DucXPham”, where he would find a convincing win to advance forward. He would face compute again in the Loser’s Semi-Final, finding another convincing win there and moving on to find another rematch in the Loser’s Final. If “Mother Russia” wanted to get to the Top 8, he would have to go through “Boomie”. Unfortunately, he would lose the hard fought set and finish the tournament at 9th Place.

Stevenator - 9th Place

Stevenator's H1 Pool run, courtesy of: (Source:

“Stevenator” would have a strong showing in the H1 Pool, just barely missing the Top 8 and going 4–2 over 6 sets, barely passing one of his Fable teammates, “STTP Wilson”, to almost get to the Top 8. “Stevenator” would also finish this tournament tied for 9th Place.

“Stevenator” started his tournament run with 2 consecutive wins against “Shas” and “Danzivar” to advance to the Winner’s Bracket Semi-Final against “Doppey”. After a close loss in that match, “Stevenator” would have to fight his way though the Loser’s Bracket to get to the Top 8. He would go into the Loser’s Bracket Quarter-Final against “Logic”, finding a convincing win and advancing onward to the Loser’s Semi-Final against fellow Fable teammate “STTP WILSON”. His win against his teammate sent him on to the Loser’s Final against Reason Gaming’s “Addymestic”, where he would unfortunately lose and be eliminated from the tournament at 9th Place.

Cyclist - 9th Place

Cyclist's G2 Pool run, courtesy of: (Source:

“Cyclist” would have a very convincing start coming into his G2 pool. He would put on a great Winner’s Bracket run followed by a close Loser’s Bracket Final loss that would lead “Cyclist” to his 9th Place finish.

“Cyclist” would start his tournament run with 3 consecutive wins against “Steak”, “chuyqwerty” and Reason Gaming’s “Ephi”. These three wins would lead Cyclist to face off against Flashpoint Esports’ “noeL”, and though the match was hard fought, Cyclist would lose and be sent down to the Loser’s Bracket Final to have a rematch with Reason Gaming’s “Ephi”. This match would prove to be different from the first matchup, with this time “Ephi” being the one to come out on top and secure his place in the Top 8. “Cyclist” would hold his 9th place finish alongside fellow Fable teammates “Stevenator” and “Mother Russia”.


wrenchd - 5th Place

wrenchd’s H2 Pool run and his Top 8 run, courtesy of: (Source:

“wrenchd” had a great showing here at Combo Breaker, he would be the only Fable member to get to the Top 8, going 7–2 over 9 sets. 

“wrenchd” would start his tournament run in the H2 pool with 2 consecutive wins over “co-op” and “Atrophius”. He would lead that up with a hard fought loss against Set to Destroy’s “ithrowow” in the Winner’s Bracket Semi-Final, this loss would send him off to the Loser’s Bracket, where he would find 3 consecutive wins against “Simba”, 3sUp’s “Starlight” and Reason Gaming’s “Eramm” to land himself in the prestigious Top 8.

“wrenchd” had a tough road ahead starting in the Loser’s Bracket of the Top 8. His first match would be a convincing 2–0 victory against Reason Gaming’s “Ephi”. He would move on to the Loser’s Bracket Quarter-Final, where he would lose a hard fought match 0–2 against “Doppey”, and finish the tournament in 5th Place.

Overall, Fable had a dominant showing here at Combo Breaker. All of Fable’s Brawlhalla players held their own in their matches, and all of them put on great performances. Congrats to “noeL” of FlashPoint for winning Combo Breaker, and we all here at Fable are looking forward to the next time our Brawlhalla squad will get to compete!




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