Christian “Suicune Master” Patierno of Fable Esports Wins His Second Straight CEO Pokken Tournament at CEO 2017

Tue 27th Jun 2017 - 1:10am Gaming

Out in Orlando, Florida for CEO 2017, Christian “Suicune Master” Patierno set out to put on a great performance. He also hoped to take home his second championship belt in Pokken, after winning the tournament at last year’s CEO 2016.

After a 2nd place finish at Momocon 2017, Suicune Master was definitely looking to put on a stellar performance and take home the belt. He would go on to completely dominate, going undefeated in 7 sets, and winning the tournament.

Suicune Master started his tournament run in the J1 Pool. His first match against “Son_Dula” was a convincing 2–0 victory that would send Suicune Master to the Winner’s Bracket Semi-Final. There, he would win a close match against “Bendy” 2–1. The J1 Pool Winner’s Final would be a great Lucario v. Lucario match against “Bolimar”, where Suicune Master would win 2–0 and advance to the Top 16.

Suicune Master was getting closer and closer to winning the tournament, and his undefeated performance in the J1 Pool let everyone know that he was not messing around. He started his run in the Winner’s Quarter-Final facing off against “Deity Light”; he would go on to win 2–0 and move on to the Winner’s Semi-Final. Suicune Master would face off against Hitbox Arena’s “Oreo”, winning the close set 2–1. This win would send Suicune Master onward to the Winner’s Final, where he would win back to back sets against “Thulius” 3–0, 3–0.

Those wins would secure the championship belt for Suicune Master, winning his second straight CEO Pokken Tournament. He was definitely proud of his accomplishment, and he told me that:

“I feel really good about the CEO win. I kept getting 2nd [at tournaments], and it was time to cash in a win again; and why not at a major tournament? It was ran very well, the TO did a fantastic job, and just the overall experience of getting to meet everyone again was fun as always!”

We are very excited to see Suicune Master put on another great performance at the next big event. Be sure to follow Fable Esports and Suicune Master to stay updated!



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