Fable Esports’ Pokken Player “Suicune Master” Finishes 2nd at MomoCon 2017

Tue 30th May 2017 - 3:52am Gaming

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Christian “Suicune Master” Patierno had a great showing at MomoCon 2017 in Atlanta, GA; placing 2nd in Pokken. He had a dominant showing in this tournament, going 6–2 over 8 sets.

Suicune Master started his tournament run facing off against “Horndrill”, winning the set 2–1. He moved on to face Noble Esports’ Tevin “TeeJay” Stokes in the Winner’s Bracket Quarter-Final, beating him convincingly 2–0. Suicune Master moved onto the Winner’s Semi-Final match to face off against “Scatz” in a hard fought match, the set would go all 5 round and Suicune Master would be sent down to the Loser’s Bracket after losing 2–3.

Suicune Master’s Loser’s Bracket run started off against “Obscure” in the Loser’s Quarter-Final, winning the set 3–1. He would move on to the Loser’s Semi-Final to face off against TeeJay for a rematch, shutting TeeJay down again 3–0. That win would send Suicune Master to the Loser’s Final against “Ouroboro”, winning that match 3–1 and advancing the Grand Final to face off against Scatz again.

Suicune Master v. Scatz in the final was a phenomenal and close set. Suicune Master beat Scatz in the first BO5 set 3–1 to send Scatz to force the second match. That second match would go all 5 rounds, Suicune Master losing the close final set 2–3.

Suicune Master was pleased with his performance, but he knew he had what it took to take 1st place at this event. He was quoted as saying:

“The tournament was ran well, and it was nice to finally get to sit in a DX Racer for the first time since they provided them for the stream set up. I got 2nd and didn’t really play my best, but it’s always better for the community when someone beats me. Everyone goes crazy, and it’s funny to see their reactions.”

We here at Fable Esports are definitely looking forward to the next time Suicune Master gets a chance to compete!



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