The Diet Demons

  • Thu 12th Oct 2017 - 1:07pm
    As the dieting phenomenon grows, with a new "diet guru" announcing "THE SOLUTION" almost weekly, so do the waste lines of America expand. Obesity is now a strong and gaining second to cigarettes as a preventable cause of death or disease. The term diet seems to have taken on a whole new meaning, moving from panacea, and becoming more and more a pariah. What I'm going to Limpiador Para Vientre Plano do is reiterate some nutritional basics to try to demystify, some of the confusion out there. There are two approaches to weight management. The first is the "magic theory" which is very enticing because it requires absolutely no responsibility. You simply follow the system and the system tells you what to do. There's no thinking involved (you just put up with it). If you're not successful, it's your fault because you're not a good "dieter?" This magic Theory incorporates such tricks as restricted calories, diets, elimination of food groups, pills, hypnosis, prepackaged meals, creams and even massage. This magic theory has left millions in despair and hopelessness in their never ending quest to be thin. There is a quiet methodical fitness industry educating millions (without all the advertising dollars) to achieve long term lifestyle changes and achieving weight management for life. Long-term weight management must include productive exercise, proper nutrition and positive motivation. From a basic physiologic standpoint I will explain the interrelationship and delicate balance between food and exercise.
  • Thu 15th Feb 2018 - 2:07am
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