Having Live Dealers in Roulette For an Amazing Casino Experience

  • Wed 13th Sep 2017 - 8:40am
    There are some marked differences between real money and play money games that range from the obvious to the more subtle. It's obvious that the biggest difference is the currency used in the games. One uses Facebook poker chips and the other is real world currency with real world value. But Formula Bets is this enough to alter how people play in the corresponding Texas Holdem games? Do players who bet with Facebook chips bet more carelessly or frequently than they would with real money? It's fair to say that players would play more freely, less carefully, and be willing to lose play poker chips than they would real money. Facebook poker chips have no real world value - they can't pay the rent or buy food, you can't deposit them in a bank, and they won't send your kid to college, but they do have another kind of value - social value. Players who frequent social networks and the games they host value the prestige and recognition they get from their friends when they win a lot of chips in Facebook poker. And so maybe this prestige gives these chips enough value to force the player into assigning a perceived value to them, whether real or not. They want to win more poker chips so that their Facebook friends will see them climb the ranks of Texas Holdem and earn a spot on the top players list. They will never be able to cash out these chips, but they'll have the honor of being among the best players in the world.

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